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How to Book Your Senior Session

1. REVIEW the SESSIONS and GALLERIES. See which SESSION fits YOUR personality and style. Are you TRADITIONAL, BOLD, trendy, FUN, chic, ELEGANT...or a MIX of ALL. 

2.PICK the SESSION. SESSION FEES are SEPARATELY priced from packages, and are based on time, outfit changes, and locations. Due to the fact that some sessions are MORE time-consuming, we will need to know WHEN YOU CALL.  

3.GRAB your CALENDAR. Have some OPTIONS....pick a FEW DATES and TIMES you are available so we can coordinate the PERFECT APPOINTMENT DATE.

4.Have your CREDIT/DEBIT CARD READY. If the SESSION needs to be PRE-PAID, we will need it PAID BY PHONE with a credit or debit card.

5. NOW your READY to BOOK......Call (559) 435-3380


    Can’t wait to hear from you!